When will my order ship?                                                                   


Orders can take up to 7 business days. Every order is handmade to order.

All U.S. orders ship Free with first-class. Shipping upgrades are available at checkout. The estimated shipping time is for first-class 2-5 days (once shipped) but not guaranteed.  


International orders also ship USPS first class. The shipping times vary, as some things have arrived to their destination within the same week and other have taken over three weeks. Any customs fees are the buyers responsibility.



Refunds and Exchanges

 Earrings are Non-Returnable / Exchangeable for hygienic safety.

For all other jewelry please contact us within 7 days or receiving your item for return or exchange. Returns minus shipping are excepted on unworn items and must be returned in the same condition. 


Is your Jewelry Hypoallergenic?                                                         


No, we would never guarantee any jewelry to be hypoallergenic. Different people can have reactions to any type of metal, but for the most part our jewelry works fine for most people. If you have sensitive ears copper and brass are not recommended.


How do I care for my Jewelry?                                                             


Sterling Silver, Copper and Brass jewelry are all left natural (unsealed) and will oxidize over time.
Metal naturally oxidizes when it comes in contact with air in the environment, and can also be affected by things such as heat, sunlight, sweat, swimming pools and chlorine water, chemicals and cosmetics.

To prevent jewelry from tarnishing avoid wearing your jewelry in the shower/swimming and keeping jewelry in a sealed plastic bag when not being worn can help to slow tarnishing. Acids in your skin can also combine with metal and leave copper or silver salts on the skin which are green/gray. They are harmless and can simply be washed off. Cleaning your jewelry often will also help, especially earrings! Cleaning your earrings with just soap and water is fine. Make sure to dry them.

Natural patina may or may not be desirable depending on your preference but they can always be cleaned. To clean tarnish from a piece I recommend using the “sunshine” cloth included with most orders. Pieces with a brushed finish can also be cleaned with any abrasive type cleaner (like bar keepers friend) and a scrubby or toothbrush. For polished finishes any type of liquid metal/jewelry cleaner and a cloth should work.

Gold-Filled Jewelry

Gold-filled jewelry is tarnish resistant, but its still best to avoid moisture or chemicals. If they need to be cleaned, using just soap and water is ok. I don't recommend using the sunshine cloth on gold- filled jewelry.

Patina Care-Black/Brown Pieces

Patina is only a surface treatment. It is sealed with a wax sealer, but over time it is possible for it to fade, usually on areas that are against the skin. If your patina starts to look dull, a tiny amount vaseline can be rubbed with a cloth or paper towel and will make the color appear darker. *Do not use the sunshine cloth or anything abrasive on pieces with patina.