3" Extreme Wide Metal Cuff Bracelet, Wonder Women Cuff, Super Hero Cuff, Metal Bracelet, Big Cuff, Thick Cuff

  • $36.00

All Jewelry is Made to Order - Please allow up to 7 Business Days before orders are ready to ship.

My widest cuff yet! This one is 3" wide. Each one is hand cut and formed. They are available in Nickel (brushed as shown) brass or copper. This cuff can be ordered as a single cuff or set of two.


Choosing a Size/Length- Please note the option of choosing a size refers to the length going around your wrist, not the length from the bottom of your wrist towards your elbow. Usually you want a cuff to be about ½” shorter then the length around your wrist.
*If the circumference around your wrist measures 6” then a 5.5” cuff should fit best.



All of the metals (Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass) used in my jewelry are left natural; I do not use sealers or plate them. These metals do eventually tarnish. There is no way to completely prevent this, as it is the natural process of metal. Each order does come with a polishing cloth. For some people the acids in your skin combine with metal and make copper or silver salts which are green/gray. They are harmless and can simply be washed off.


Comes Gift Wrapped!