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Set of Stud Earrings, Earring set, Tiny Earrings, Two Pairs, Gold Color Earrings, Brass Earrings, Second Piercing, polished metal


Modern Dot Earring Set. Perfect for first and second piercings!

Each set of these it completely handmade, I stamp out each dot from brass (as shown) and then solder each to sterling silver posts. They are finished with a super shiny polished finish. Each set will include one pair or 4mm and one pair of 3mm size dot earrings.

They are also available in Sterling Silver or Copper with a polished or brushed finish or copper with black patina.

This item is made to order.


*Please Read before Ordering*
All of the metals (Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass) used in my jewelry are left natural (unsealed) and will develop a natural patina overtime. Metal oxidizes when it comes in contact with air in the environment and skin. For some people the acids in your skin combine with metal and make copper or silver salts which are green/gray. They are harmless and can simply be washed off.


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