Tiny Stud Earrings, Mix and match Set of Earrings, Stocking Stuffer Jewelry, Geometric Stud Earrings, Moon Earrings, Heart Earrings, Stars

  • $13.00

All Jewelry is Made to Order - Please allow up to 7 Business Days before orders are ready to ship.

Cute Tiny Stud Earrings!

Choose one or as many as you like.

3mm Copper Dots
3mm Brass Dots
4mm Copper Hearts
4mm Brass Hearts- SOLD OUT
4mm Black Hearts
5mm Copper Stars
5mm Brass Stars
5mm Black Stars
4mm Copper Triangles
4mm Brass Triangles
4mm Black Triangles
7mm Brass Hearts
11x6.5mm Brass Diamonds

4mm Brass Plus Sign
4mm Copper Plus Sign
4mm Black Plus Sign
7mm Copper Hearts
7mm Black Hearts
6mm Brass Stars
6mm Brass Diamonds
8mm Brass Arrows
8mm Copper Arrows
8mm Black Arrows
9mm Brass V shape
9mm Brass Moon
10mm Copper Lightning Blots
10mm Black Lightning Blots

All Earrings are soldered to sterling silver posts and will come with sterling silver backs.

The Posts and Backs for the earrings are sterling silver.

Please see FAQ for current processing time and Return Policy before ordering.


All of the metals (Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass) used in my jewelry are left natural; I do not use sealers or plate them. These metals do eventually tarnish and will need cleaning. This is totally normal!
Each order comes with a polishing cloth. For some people the acids in your skin combine with metal and make copper or silver salts which can leave a green/gray color against your ear. They are harmless and can simply be washed off.